Can you believe it – We are one month down with 2021 already? The other day someone asked me what I had done for New Year’s eve and I honestly couldn’t even remember. Is this just me or is everyone feeling this way?

January has passed by in a busy blur and to be honest, we are still trying to settle down after the joyful madness that marked the December festivities at the cafe. But hey, time and Pinterest wait for no one and thanks to all the helpful “romantic” recipes flooding my feed, I know that February and the month of lurve will soon be upon us. So, I thought what better place to take a moment, inhale deeply and have a look back at the month that was than with the latest offering from Fat Cats – our monthly newsletter. This newsletter is going to evolve with your help guys. Tell me what you would like to see on it and share your invaluable feedback to help make this a space where both Team Fat Cats and yourself can learn, share and grow.

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