You ever have one of those days when nothing is going right? When you sleep through the alarm and the rest of the day is off sync, when the kids are cranky, the maid’s called in sick and you’d rather be elsewhere? Popular advice encourages you to take some deep breaths and soldier on until its bed time again. I usually follow this type of advice until recently. It all changed when I came across an intriguing recipe on one of the many blogs I follow. Take it from me guys, this one is a game changer. So, the next time you need a break. Go ahead and take one and while you are at it… have a sip of some red wine hot chocolate!


This was for the purpose of illustration only. If you can finish a bowl of this decadent hot chocolate, hat’s off to you!

Red Wine and Hot Chocolate. Could there be a more perfect pairing? It may not sound so but try this super easy-peasy recipe and see for yourself.


Milk. Chocolate. Wine. What more does one need?



1 1/2 cup milk (please no skim milk here)

100 gms dark chocolate (chopped up into chunks)

1 cup red wine (no need to the fancy expensive stuff. Any old bottle will do. I used Madera so you know this is true)

Optional: whipped cream, mini  marshmallows, butter cookies to dip in


Pour milk in a saucepan and heat until warm but not boiling.


Add chocolate chunks. Have a look at the colour. If you want it darker, add some more chocolate. We’re dealing with wine and chocolate here – there is no such thing as too much.


Whisk continuously so that no lumps form. Once you have a thick, creamy, chocolatey, hot chocolate  that  meets your approval you can add the glass of red wine. Once again mix well and simmer gently.


Pour into two mugs or 6 espresso cups or wine glasses.


Add on the whipped cream, marshmallows or dunk in with biscuits if you so desire.


Warning: Just keep in mind that this is R-I-C-H. Small sips are enough to make you happy and leave you with a warm happy glow. Or as my daughter said, “its like Christmas in your tummy!”

Sssh.. there may be wine in there

Sssh.. there may be wine in there

The usual suspects paired with hot chocolate are rum, whisky or Bailey’s. Red wine was a new option for me as well. The next time around I would simmer the red wine with some cinnamon and orange peel for a truly Christmas-y drink. Cheers.

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