Wow, March definitely made itself felt didn’t it? With soaring temperatures and an imminent lockdown, there is an inevitable sense of deja vu in the air. At Fat Cat’s, we are simply so grateful to have you wonderful people in our lives. Every day at the cafe is a chance for us to connect and be heard, so thank you again for your unwavering support and love.

The high point of March for us was definitely the launch of our Sunday Bake Sales in collaboration with Mag Street Bread Co and The Table. When Ms. Devidayal approached us with this plan, we were immediately on board. To work with her amazing team and bring the best of Bombay to Pune is a dream come true. Our first Bake Sale was a roaring success with us having to triple our original order and every single piece selling out! What a blast. Stay tuned to our Insta page for weekly menus and info on how to pre-order and avoid disappointment.

Read the full March newsletter here.

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