July 2021 – Anyone else with the mid-year moodies?

Guys, how can this be happening? It’s July! This pandemic has made my brain mush and it cannot comprehend how half the year is already over. And while time and dates may be immaterial in this new normal of ours, I find myself struggling to find pockets of routine and reality. Anyone else feel the same way?

July has been a bit of a limbo month for us both at the café and personally. Fat Cats continues to operate as per “the government guidelines”. This means that like a lot of other restaurants and cafes, we have had to pivot our focus of business away from the weekends and concentrate on our breakfast menu and weekday specials. It’s not been an easy ride but we are happy as long as we can stay open and keep feeding you guys, so I’m just practising on being grateful (serenity now! #ifkyk).

Read the full July newsletter here.

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