Dezio has been a favourite of ours for a while now. The thin crust pizzas, the lasagna that we loved in Darios now available with meat (!) and the gorgeous roof top bar have lured us all the way to Kalyani Nagar time and time again. So, when we heard that Dezio’s was introducing a new breakfast menu, we rustled together the the kids for some family time double quick.


The lovely al fresco dining area and yes we were the first ones there (we usually always are). Breakfast is served from 9am onwards every day. 

They now have a separate menu for breakfast and we ordered pretty much everything that caught our fancy. From the robust full English breakfast to the delicate cheese and ham cornetti (which was not photographed before it was devoured greedily), the menu has something for everyone. Healthy treats to indulgent meals – Dezio has covered the gamut and at very reasonable price points too.


The amazing menu


Burgers for breakfast? *dances with glee*



Freshly squeezed orange juice and the yummiest macchiato were the ideal start to our breakfast feast. 


The German – a platter of cheeses, salami, ham (which was added later), pickled onions, and gherkins. Ignore the very generous bread basket that comes along with it and you have the perfect high protein, low carb start to the day. 


I don’t like traditional breakfast foods such as eggs or cereal so the fact that Dezios also offers a range of sandwiches and burgers for breakfast makes me one happy bunny. This one was the tenderloin sandwich with caramelised onions and rucola. A winner all the way!


You know how some chocolate croissants never have enough chocolate in them? Not this gorgeous one from Dezio. The buttery pastry barely covered a slab of melted chocolate within. Am still bemoaning the fact that we didn’t order another one of these as a takeaway to enjoy later. 


The English – the full monty in terms of breakfast goodness. The only thing missing was some toast but that was soon swiped from the bread basket that came along with the German. 


The American – a stack of fluffy pancakes served with either chocolate sauce or maple syrup. My contrary daughter opted to enjoy them plain but they were yummy nonetheless. 


Everything swiped clean 

For more information on Dezio – their regular menu, timings, location and contact details – check out their site

Ps: The coffee and tea is on the house if you order any item from their breakfast menu until the 26th of Jan.

Now hurry on over for breakfast, you can thank us later xx

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