April 2021 – We are grateful for you, each day every day

It’s nearing the end of the month when I sat down to write this newsletter and I’m reeling. We all are. Overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, rage, fear, helplessness and anxiety – this past month has been hellish. Am sure like so many of you, I get up every morning, hoping for better news, praying that all my loved ones are safe, and fighting the feelings of anger that threaten to swamp. And then I remind myself, that even having the ability to feel all these things is a privilege. Our prayers and love go out to each and every one of you and we hope the next month brings with it better days.

I also have to be honest with you, I felt torn about writing a newsletter this month. Social media is already full of life-saving links and people who are moving mountains to help others. It felt wrong to continue as normal. So this newsletter is not a normal one. We are breaking the mould and veering slightly off course – but we hope you still get what we have been trying to say through all our newsletters so far – we are grateful for this awesome community and we can all do with each others help today and every day xx

Read the full April newsletter here.

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