Where to Get the Best Birthday Cake in Mumbai

As a baker, there are few opportunities to treat myself to a cake I do not bake. Family birthdays and celebrations obviously demand a home-baked cake. The one day I put my foot down and refused to turn on my oven is my birthday. Every year, come September, I greedily peruse the menus of fellow bakers and cafes and plan my little indulgence. Needless to say, I’ve collected some favourites along the way. If you have a birthday or any celebration coming up, here’s my list of the top cakes to order in Mumbai. 

What makes it the best?

Let’s put this out there. Decorations and trending designs are not what ticks my boxes. While I have only the highest respect for those who can transform their cakes into works of art, it’s not the deciding factor. For me, a birthday cake (or any cake for that matter) has to be tasty. The sponge has to be moist and soft. The layers are large enough to ensure a good cake-to-icing ratio. The filling has to complement the overall flavour profile. For example, a berry filling with a dark chocolate ganache icing never fails. The icing should never be too sweet, cloying, or gluey. Never fondant. Ever. And since this is a celebration cake, it should be easy to cut and serve. Considering all these factors, the following confectionaries were handed over the title of the six best birthday cakes in Mumbai. Let’s get this party started…

The Next Door Baker

I’ve been following Shaily and her one-woman cake business for a while now. What impressed me the most about The Next Door Baker’s account on Instagram (besides the gorgeous-looking cakes, obviously) was the sheer generosity of spirit. Shaily openly shares her trade secrets. She conducts online classes and happily gives all her recipes, baking tips and tricks to anyone interested. So, when I found myself in Mumbai over a birthday week, I made sure I ordered one of her famous Bento Cakes (ok, fine, I ordered two – but it was so difficult to decide which flavours I wanted). TNDB, as it is also known, does not handle deliveries. That’s on you. I set up a Dunzo pick up and everything went smoothly. The cakes reached me carefully packed in their clam cases, unperturbed by the bumpy ride they had been through. There was the mini Raspberry and chocolate and the hazelnut praline. Both were spectacularly moist, the ratio of icing to cake just right, and the filling within the perfect addition to the overall flavour combo. Plus, the mini cake sizes felt like a sweet treat without overdoing it. You can follow TNDB on Instagram (@thenextdoorbaker) and DM her to book your birthday cake. Just make sure you do so in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Pic @thenextdoorbaker


What’s an Asian restaurant doing on the best cakes list, you may ask? Yauatcha is a well-known venue for pan-Asian delicacies and inspired cocktails. Their reservation list is always full, and you usually have to book weeks in advance to get a table. Hot favourites include dim sum and baos on the menu. Recently, Yuatcha introduced their dessert counter. With an array of picture-perfect entremets in Asian-inspired flavours, you can choose between a Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse or the most exquisite Lemon Tart with a Torched Meringue Top. We ordered the highly lauded (and most photographed) Raspberry Delice for a recent celebration. This divine concoction is available in individual servings and a larger-sized cake. Covered with freeze-dried raspberry dust and cocoa butter, the molten chocolate mousse within hides a central lychee panna cotta and raspberry gelee. One spoon of all three layers, and you are transported to gastronomic la-la land. While this may not be a cake to order for a large celebration, it is ideal post a romantic dinner a deux or a more intimate gathering. Since the cake is delicate, don’t plan on travelling far with it. You can order via www.yauatcha.com/mumbai


In 2004, Bunty Mahajan opened a small cafe counter at Out of the Blue Restaurant in Mumbai. With over 16 years of experience and training background at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and London, Bunty derives most of her inspiration from her travels. Meaning delight in Latin, Deliciae soon became the place to go for seasonal, fresh fruit cakes and show-stopping custom cakes for weddings and celebrations. While the cakes may look polished and perfect, what I personally love about the brand is that all their cakes feel like a delicious home-baked treat. If you want something different, try their Caramel Crunch Divine – a coffee-soaked sponge enrobed in caramel frosting and topped with brittle. You can also never go wrong with the Deliciae version of the old-school classic Choc Truffle. The richness of their ganache takes this simple chocolate sponge to a new level of yumminess. Ps: Deliciae has an impressive menu of 3D cakes and custom bakes. You can also order any of her cakes online (www.deliciaecakes.com), with delivery available all over Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai. 


I discovered Smoor by a happy accident. I was whiling away my time at Mumbai airport waiting for a flight and came across this spanking new shop. The name intrigued me, and I headed over to investigate. A veritable Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was what I found myself in. Smoor is a Bangalore-based brand poised to bring its luxury chocolates nationwide. They have stand-alone cafes and dedicated stores in several cities already. While the ‘Bean to Bar’ chocolates and the lavish gift boxes appealed, what really attracted me were the chocolate pastries and cakes on display. My curiosity activated, and I ordered a half-kilo Intense Chocolate cake for a recent celebration. Made with 70% dark chocolate, this is not your run-of-the-mill birthday cake. Gluten-free (the cake has almond flour), each bite is pure chocolate heaven. Like a baked chocolate mousse, the texture is smooth and…intense. I would suggest ordering this cake for a party of adults who would appreciate this indulgence. If your tastes veer towards the lighter and fruitier, don’t fret. A quick glance through the Smoor website throws up some intriguing alternatives. There’s the Queen’s Cake – a vanilla sponge slathered with a white chocolate ganache filled with a berry puree. You can also choose between some inspired cake designs and fondant work if you desire. Check them out at www.smoor.in

Zinque Patisserie

A cloud bakery kitchen that specialises in eggless cakes, Zinque Patisserie is a relative baby in the field. Started in 2021 by Siya Talreja, the bakery promises to care for all your confectionary needs from morning to night. Their online menu bursts with options such as cookies, brownies, tea cakes, and custom bakes. Best of all, Zinque is one of the few places to make healthy cakes that look and taste good. If it’s vegan, gluten-free or refined sugar-free treats, you need, check them out online at www.zinqueindia.com

Since it was peak strawberry season, when I ordered from Zinque, I opted for their mini Strawberry Chantilly Cake. A perfect miniature celebration cake for those impromptu occasions. Buttery soft vanilla sponge interspersed with a light buttercream and topped with fresh strawberries made for an appealing birthday cake alternative. You can also order a box of four mini cakes of different flavours if you want the best of all worlds. There’s also the Zinque version of a childhood classic – the pineapple pastry. Here, vanilla bean mousse and fresh pineapple compote are artfully layered with an eggless vanilla sponge. This one’s on my to-try list, for sure. Zinque delivers all over Mumbai via Zomato and Swiggy and their website. 

Pic: Google images

Ps: I’m throwing in one more recommendation for those who do not like cakes. Yes, some people don’t – my daughter is one of them. Check out the ice cream cake selection from Baskin Robbins. We are particularly fond of the Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream cake. With layers of cheesecake ice cream, vanilla sponge cake and blueberry compote, it’s a delicious mouthful for sure. You can also try their log cakes (the Lotus biscoff roll cake is quite awesome) for a change. 

And there you have it. The list of my top five birthday cakes in Mumbai.  From high-end entremets to home-baked happiness, the party is a success as long as there’s cake involved. Pps: Don’t wait until the last moment to order your special cake. While many of these options can be picked up from their retail counters, when it comes to customisations and special decorations, allow for a minimum of at least 24 hours prior notice. It will be worth the wait, I promise. 

This was a commissioned piece but all views expressed are my own

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