This little cafe – our OG baby – has been our pride and joy ever since we opened doors in June 2013. We began Fat Cats with the dream of offering the best homemade comfort food in the cosiest neighbourhood setting. Today, we are blessed with an enthusiastic and talented team who not only share our vision but are as committed to providing our customers with food truly made with love. From the intoxicating highs to the lows that come with any business, our team has been with us every step of the way. Fat Cats is where it is today thanks to our team and we think it’s about time you knew some more about them and what makes them smile.

Dominic Scott


In 2016, Inder aka Freddi moved to Pune from Alipurduar in West Bengal. We’ve been lucky to have him on Team Fat Cats since 2017. You can find him busy whipping up treats in the kitchen or serving customers with his trademark smile and over the years we’ve discovered another amazing talent of his. Inder is a fabulous fabulous artist – self taught with a meticulous attention to detail and once you see his art you will understand why his dream is to get into animation.
Dominic Scott


Sanjay joined us at our Koregaon Park branch back in 2017 and within a few weeks, he was calmly handling the whole show! He’s an avid gamer and can be found playing PubG or Free Fire in his spare time. His dream job is to become a chef and we say he’s already well on his way on his culinary journey. Next time you are at Fat Cats, say hi to Sanjay.
Dominic Scott

The Fat Cats Family

Sunil, Melanie, Lea, Solon, and Lana

Our kids are our official taste testers and quality controllers. Sunil and I don’t spend a day away from the cafe (unless we are travelling). Decisions are made together and agreed upon only when everyone is on board, suggestions and recommendations are encouraged and every member of Team Fat Cats is involved with every step of our day to day operations.

Dominic Scott

And Chewie

And let’s not forget Chewie! A later addition to the team (we adopted him in 2016), Chewie (full name Chewbacca) soon made himself an invaluable member of the Fat Cat’s family. Always enthusiastic, perpetually optimistic and forever hungry – he’s our perfect target audience.