Homemade with Love

Our Culinary Journey

Our Culinary Journey2020-12-29T02:46:24+00:00

Fat Cats like us love to eat – just love it! They want nothing more than to curl up on a soft pillow and sleep, waking up to an indulgent mug, bowl, or plateful of their favourite food. Eating for Fat Cats forms a large part of their daily activity and they are not ashamed about it. Fat Cats don’t appreciate troublesome, fussy food. They like simple, yummy treats that make their tummies purr with joy.

If you have any of the above qualities, then YOU, yes you can count yourself as a Fat Cat too. The good news is that you’ve definitely come to the right place. Apart from yummy home cooked treats at the cafe, we also take very seriously our responsibility of discovering new places to eat and travel and then eat some more. We would love you to follow us on our journey as we find out the where’s and hows of the good (food) life.



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