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If you’re looking for homemade comfort food–look no further. At Fat Cat’s Café, we have everything you need to keep your tummy happy and then some more.

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From freshly made sandwiches and quiches to decadent desserts, all our specials are made from scratch daily.

Begin your day with a delicious stuffed omelette or a filling stack of pancakes. Maybe just a cup of coffee to go? Lunches will have you dithering over a choice of stuffed rolls, pastas, salads and scrumptious sweets. Go all out at dinnertime and dip into our Special of the Day – whether it’s a Thai curry or a Loaded burger…

You Will Always Find Something New on the Fat Cats Menu

Let’s not forget our desserts! Fat Cat’s was founded on the coat tails of Decadence Desserts. Famous for our gooey brownies, rich chocolate cakes, creamy cupcakes and other butter-laden treats, Fat Cat’s offers all this and so much more under one roof of happiness.






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Fat Cat’s is a completely family run affair. Our kids are our official taste testers and quality controllers. Every member of Team Fat Cats is involved with every step of our day to day operations. And the best part? After seven years of setting up our dream business, we can count our customers as family too!

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Once Upon A Tea Party

Fat Cat’s is a big tea party for our patrons, critics and adventurers. Although you may not come across the Dormouse or the March Hare at the table, we will ensure that you enjoy a feast akin to Wonderland.

Don’t believe us? Hear what the critics have to say!

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We can also help you organize a meal or a cake for your special occasion or a party, just give us a call.

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